Port city on the southeast end of the island of Darowen. Ruled by Baron Jassadar.

Irate Pyrate, in Parin’s Sailor’s District, run by Elmindreda Farshaw
Shepard and Cask, in Parin’s Merchant District, at the north end, run by Hethe

The Griffon’s Vault, run by Hymenia, a pleasant half-orc
The Boom Shack, run by Shaka, an eccentric gnome
Avart’s Armaments, run by Svota, a master half-orc fletcher
Beaud’s Bodacious Bathhouse

Active Factions:
Baron Jassadar’s City Guard, attempting to hold off the siege
Serpent’s Hand, besieging the city from the water. About to move onto land.
Band of the Red Hand, attempting to take control from both and come out on top. Led by Jimmy the Hand
Drunken Dragons


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